Mental illness is arguably the most misunderstood of the medical issues facing Nigeria today. It is a taboo topic in most households.

The mentally ill are often chained up in back rooms, handed over to traditional healers and witchdoctors, or taken to pastors and crusades in the hope that a miraculous healing will be imparted by the laying on of anointed hands.

Deformity is understood. Physical disability is accepted, but an illness of the mind is often shrouded in mystery and misery and confusion reigns in a slowly developing society.

Elsewhere, mental illness is seen as the medical condition that requires the same scientific approach to treatment as other medical ailments.

UNBREAKABLE is an educational movie that takes the society through the proper process of dealing with this very serious subject. Using a powerful story that the viewers can identify with, the movie shows that in many cases, mental illness can be treated or made manageable so that it does not disable an individual’s daily functioning.

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