Just recently, our Producer, Buky Campbell spoke with a reporter from Telegraph Newspapers, a National Publication based in Lagos Nigeira, and these are the things she said about UnBreakable.

Unbreakable is a movie that deals with how a newly married couple deals with the realisation that the new bride has mental issues. As the story is introduced to us we find the couple just back from honey moon. Later at the office, someone shows the husband a video of the wife walking in the streets in her night gown. So, it’s a story of how they deal with that. The bigger story is that mental health should not be a death sentence.

In our culture we like to hide, pretend. They’ll carry people with mental health challenge to the village, chain them, lock them in the house but the truth is that mental health challenges are treatable. All anybody needs to do is to think of illnesses like diabetes. If you have diabetes you won’t be ashamed to tell anybody about it. People need to know that there are medications for mental health.

The bigger story is that a diagnosis of a mental health disease should not be a death sentence.

We are trying to create awareness that a diagnosis of mental health disease is not the end of the world.

Sometimes as a film maker you choose your stories and you hope that it will work and sometimes the story chooses you, then you don’t have a choice but to do the story. This is one of those stories that choose you.

In deciding to do this movie we knew we had to treat the story in a way that it appeals enough to people that they want to come and watch it. Nobody wants to watch a movie and be sad. Nobody wants to come with problems and leave the same way. We’ve made it that people will learn something.

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We’re partnering with people that deal with this issue. Olaama Care Foundation is an NGO based here in Lagos and the CEO was here at the press conference. They are one of our sponsors, also there’s a psychiatric facility in Ikorodu Lagos know as The Retreat which is a private owned psychiatric facility in Nigeria. They’re also one of our sponsors. Yes, what we’ve done is that we’ve reached out to people who know more about the issue than we do because we are film makers. We are also reaching out to people who are dealing with it this is where Chioma Nwosu the CEO of Olaama Care Foundation comes in. So together with our media partner, DAAR Communications we are making sure that the story goes round and even beyond the shores of the country.

Excerpts were first published at newtelegraphng.com