A lovely wedding has just been celebrated and followed by a blissful honeymoon, suggesting the couple are set for good life. But, that did not happen as Ikepo, the new bride, was suddenly found walking the street almost naked.

The above scenario is captured in Unbreakable, a forthcoming film that explores the power of love through unbelievable perspective of the protagonist life that threatens a marriage even before it takes root. At the end, a love which started like a great tree with dawn and doom in the branches, survived with care, understanding and faith as theirs was an unbreakable love.

Nostalgically, the film suggests that the protagonist, Ikepo could be a sister, a wife, a mother or anyone in the society who did not set out to be mentally deranged but who suddenly caught up in the bizarre web of depression and schizophrenia, among other mental ailments.

Written by Sola Osofian, an award winning poet, the film will address the subject of mental illness, the need for Nigerians to pay close attention and shun the stigmatisation of persons with mental illness. Osofian said he was inspired to screenplay the film out of a discussion on mental health, which has been badly addressed in Nigeria.

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With a cast that includes Richard Mofe Damijo, A’rese, O.C.Ukeje, Bimbo Manuel, John Dumelo, Uche Mac-Auley, Wendy Lawal and Ebele Okaro, it will be produced by Buky Campbell and directed by Ben Chiadika.

Partnering UnBroken Partnerships, LLC, the initiator of the film is Daar Communications (AIT, Raypowrer), Olaama Cares Foundation, a mental health advocacy and The Retreat, Nigeria’s first purpose built private mental health hospital.

According to founder of Unbroken Partnership, LLC, Mrs Buky Campbell, the film which will be released in April next year will be set in Lagos.

Addressing movie writers, Campbell said that while deformity is understood and physical challenge accepted, mental illness is shrouded in mystery and misery. “With the recent statistics of Nigerians suffering mental disorder to be 40 million, it is time Nigerians stopped seeing mental illness as a taboo topic but pay attention to it. “People seek wellness from certified mental homes instead of chaining them up in back room, handing over to traditional healers and pastors in the hope that a miraculous healing will be imparted by the laying on of anointed hands,” she said.

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